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Terms & Conditions


Lawnton Laser Clinic offers a free no obligation consultation prior to undergoing any of our treatments.

This consultation must occur prior to any procedure being undertaken. This is to ensure optimal treatment outcomes for our clients and identify potential treatments risks posed to the client.


Our treating staff reserve the right to refuse treatment if it is determined unsafe for the client to undergo treatment or where a client refuses to fill in the relevant screening and treatment authorisation documentation.

New clients requesting a booking for treatment will automatically have an additional 15 minutes added to their initial treatment to account for consultation, however if the client wishes they may book in for a free consultation and discuss options prior to booking a particular treatment.



Please be aware that our clinic utilises a booking request system for bookings made via our website. This means that our clients can request to book an appointment slot online, however the booking is not finalised until the request is reviewed by our clinic staff and a booking confirmation is sent to our client.

This procedure is aimed at reducing booking errors. If for any reason a booking cannot be confirmed one of our clinic staff will contact the client and attempt to find a more suitable time.

***Please note- We cannot guarantee any appointment bookings which have not been confirmed***


For any booking concerns, please give us a call as soon as possible during our operating hours and we will happily confirm your booking over the phone.


Price Matching

Our clinic does not offer a price matching service. We ensure our treatment prices are as low as possible, whilst ensuring that the quality and safety of our treatments is not compromised.

Sales Stock

Our clinic provides various products and items with the aim of aiding our clients’ treatments. However in the rare event an item is found to be faulty or non-functioning, we are happy for it to be returned to our clinic within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.



Our clinic prides itself on the meaningful connections we make with our clients and the treatment outcomes we are able to provide. We endeavour to ensure that our staff and clients respect one another, so that our clinic remains a pleasant place to both visit and work.

Clients acting rudely or in an otherwise disrespectful manner towards our staff , may (at the discretion of the clinical lead), be refunded their money for any outstanding treatments not yet completed, asked to leave the premises and banned from any future treatments at our clinic.

If our staff are found to be rude or disrespectful towards one another or our clients, we encourage any effected person to lodge a complaint on our website feedback section so that we can investigate and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

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