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LLC Cosmetic Laser Clinics are Brisbane’s premiere laser clinic specialists in hair removal and advanced laser skin treatments. We use state of the art technology combined with a team of specialists dedicated to providing you with a great experience and effective, long-lasting results.

How did LLC come about?

After identifying the need for safe, effective and affordable laser treatments in Brisbane, the directors of LLC Cosmetic Laser Clinics decided it was time to create a new type of laser clinic, with the emphasis of putting the client first. Over the last few years LLC has developed systems which has allowed us to provide effective, consistent and safe results for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, judgment free and non-commercial environment for all of our clients.

Why are our prices so competitive?

This is a question we get asked a lot! The answer is simple, we are here to ensure YOU are in the safest possible hands and get the most out of your treatment. We are 100% a people business and put our patients above profits.

How can I ensure I am safe at other commercial laser clinics?

The organisation you go to must ensure you are in safe hands. If your needs are not being put first and any of your safety concerns are ignored, you must immediately address this with the clinic manager. If you still feel the same way after raising your concerns, it’s probably time to move on...

What should I do if I have been burnt by laser at the clinic I go to?

Whilst mild burns can occasionally occur from time to time, repeated and serious burns should not be tolerated. To ensure your safety, lasers should be quality assured (QA) and optimised for every treatment to ensure these risks are mitigated as much as possible. A growing number of clinics attempt to cost cut by not performing QA on their machines. As a result of this they do not know how much energy is being emitted from their machines. This greatly increases the likelihood of serious burns.  Queensland Radiation Health is a regulatory body that holds all laser clinics accountable in Queensland. If in doubt, always give them a ring on 07 33289310.

How does LLC ensure my safety?

With a registered medical physicist onsite (first in the country), you know your laser treatment dose is quality checked before and after every session. Unlike commercial clinics, our laser technicians do not choose treatment dosages but only deliver what has been quality assured and checked by our medical physicist based on your required treatment outcome. This boosts your treatment results allowing you to get to your goals more efficiently and more importantly, safely.

How can I book my treatments at LLC Cosmetic Laser Clinics, and will I lose my treatment history if I switch from another clinic?

We’ve opened our doors to anyone and everyone who is wanting to experience the Lawnton Laser difference. Our treatment staff are specially trained to carry over any pre-treatments you may have had previously. During your initial consultation, you will be asked a series of questions that will determine what treatment parameters we would need to use to achieve your desired goals.

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